The University of Flourishing: Coming 2023



The University of Flourishing: Coming 2023
The University of Flourishing is an online portal that will offer world-quality content, events, and classes from an international network of universities devoted to transforming education towards greater student flourishing.
  • AN INTERACTIVE LIBRARY will feature diverse, multimedia resources on topics related to contemplation and flourishing for scholars, teachers, students, parents, and others.
  • The site will offer deeply contextualized guides to a variety of CONTEMPLATIVE PRACTICES AND EXERCISES.
  • Sections of the site will provide toolkits for STUDENT FLOURISHING at both K-12 and higher-education leves, offering resources for students, teachers, and institutions 
  • The University of Flourishing will provide the platform for a new CONTEMPLATIVE COMMUNITY supported by synchronous online events, virtual contemplative practices sessions, blogs, 
and interactive forums 
  • AN ENCYCLOPEDIA OF CONTEMPLATION will cover diverse contemplative traditions across times and cultures
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