For UVA Parents



For UVA Parents
Students’ time at the University can and should be characterized by immense personal and academic growth. As parents, you understand that experiences during college are critical for their development and should prepare them not only professionally, but also socially and emotionally to flourish in their communities after graduation. It’s no secret, however, that young people today face unprecedented levels of stress, distraction, and uncertainty, putting them at higher risk of depression, anxiety, loneliness, and addiction. 
The Contemplative Sciences Center and other organizations and departments across the University of Virginia are dedicated to helping students flourish and cultivate well-being during their time on UVA Grounds and beyond. There are many opportunities and resources available to you and your students. 
Learn about Flourishing
CSC instructors and others offer numerous UVA courses explicitly supporting or addressing student well-being, flourishing, contemplation, and/or related topics for academic credit. 
  • Check out CSC’s curated list of other relevant courses by semester here
  • Do your own search of relevant keywords in UVA’s course directory or Lou’s List (Professor Lou Boomfield’s handy, unofficial course list), e.g. “well-being,” “mindfulness,” “flourishing,” “purpose,” “resilience.” 
  • Ask other students to recommend professors who offer experiential, skill-based classroom environments that actively support students’ personal development.
  • Stay tuned for CSC’s spring 2021 launch of the University of Flourishing, an online portal that will offer world-quality content, events, and classes from an international network of universities devoted to transforming education towards greater student flourishing.
Make Social Connections
Research shows that among the most important predictors of well-being are strong personal relations and social support from trusted others. There are many ways to make connections with peers and others at UVA:
  • Make mindfulness a habit by joining one of UVA’s new Mindfulness Meet-up Groups, a partnership between CSC and UVA’s Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) to support students in regularly taking the time to focus on the present moment without judgment in the company of other students and an experienced facilitator.
  • Join Hoos Connected at UVA, groups of 5-12 students who, with the help of trained facilitators, engage in activities and dialogue about what brings us together and keeps us apart and how these things manifest in UVA’s social culture. 
  • Check out the Student Engagement calendar for co-curricular and extra-curricular activities and events that can build connections based upon shared meaning.
Try a Contemplative Practice Session or Drop-In Class 
  • Register for Virtual Meditation on the Lawn, a brief, 7-8 minute drop-in meditation session led by different instructors and inspiring UVA leaders every Monday at 7:50am ET.
  • Explore a variety of contemplative practices in CSC’s free drop-in online classes for all levels: 
    • Night Owl Yoga: Sundays-Thursdays, 8pm
    • Mindfulness Meditation: Mondays, 8pm
    • Yoga for Emotional Wellness: Wednesdays, 12pm
    • T’ai Chi: Wednesdays, 5:30pm 
  • Listen to a guided practice or session on the Insight Timer app. UVA students now have free access to all premium content and features on the app. 
  • Check out our Meditation page for information on all of CSC’s meditation-related events and resources, including tips for beginners. 
  • Incorporate a structured yoga practice, with personalized instruction and support 5 days a week, by joining our Mysore Ashtanga Yoga program, 8:30am-9:30am Monday-Friday. All sessions are available for free on Zoom and no experience is necessary!

Try Individual Wellness Coaching

  • Contact Wahoo Well for one-on-one wellness coaching sessions during the semester. 
Stay Tuned for Two New Digital Resources for Students Coming January 2021
  • Flourishing Habits App: Starting in January 2021, UVA students can download this new mobile app to help track, schedule, and learn about tiny habits that support their well-being and flourishing.
  • Flourishing at UVA: Also starting in January 2021, CSC and partners across Grounds will launch this new pan-University website that will function as a clearinghouse of information on flourishing-related resources and opportunities for UVA students, faculty, and staff.
Request CSC Programming for Student Groups
  • Students may contact us at to request a program or presentation customized for a student group, club, residential floor, and so forth. Examples of current and past programs include: 
    • A program on Flourishing in College Dorms
    • Mindfulness and Stress Management Training for RAs
    • Required training programs (FOAs) for Fraternities and Sororities
    • Deescalation and Conflict Resolution Skills training for student workers
    • Customized contemplative practice events (e.g., meditation, yoga, T’ai Chi)
Get Excited for the Contemplative Commons
  • This innovative new UVA building will embody a new model of higher education based on immersive, experiential, and participatory forms of deep learning that facilitate student flourishing.
Internships, Fellowships, and Work Experiences for Students 
  • Each year, CSC is supported by a number of UVA student interns and employees who assist with our research and scholarship efforts, student and faculty engagement programs, and CSC communications and operations. 
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