Ana Limerick



Ana Limerick
Ana Limerick is a student intern with the Contemplative Sciences Center. She is a third-year undergraduate majoring in Psychology, and double minoring in Religious Studies in the College of Arts and Sciences and Health and Wellbeing in the Curry School of Education. 
Ana discovered CSC through her work with the Center for the Advancement of Wellbeing at George Mason University and sought a position as a student intern. She has always had a passion for improving people’s well-being and was elated to learn that universities around the globe have designed programs with that specific intention.
In addition to her position at CSC, Ana has been involved with Student Council, Madison House, and the Psych Society at UVA. 
Following her undergraduate education, she would like to pursue a Masters in Human Resources Management. Her hope is to bring psychology and contemplative practices together in the workplace so that people can learn to thrive in whatever kind of schedule they maintain.