Courtney Floyd



Courtney Floyd
Courtney Floyd, Ph.D. is Associate Director of Transformative Technologies at the Contemplative Sciences Center. In this role, Courtney works with faculty to develop, coordinate, support, and deliver programs in academic classrooms, cocurricular contexts, and residential environments that creatively use digital technologies such as the Contemplative Sciences Center’s content management system, Mandala, to facilitate deep forms of learning and personal development for students at the University of Virginia (UVA) across all eleven of its schools.
Prior to joining CSC in February 2019, Courtney served as Visualization Lab Specialist at the University of Oregon’s Allan Price Science Commons and Research Library, conducting outreach, creating programming, and facilitating data visualization research and instruction among faculty and graduate students in collaboration with Oregon’s Digital Humanities Initiative and Digital Scholarship Center. From 2011-2018, Courtney also taught First Year Composition, Research, and Literature at various institutions, developing courses which explored embodiment and disability to promote student agency and wellbeing through increased equity, inclusion, and access.
In addition to her work with CSC, Courtney is a podcaster, creative writer, and musician. She is learning how to slow down and just be, with lots of help from her dog.