Ekateerina Kouzina



Ekateerina Kouzina
Ekateerina Kouzina is a student intern with the Contemplative Sciences Center. She is a first-year UVA student pursuing a degree in Economics in the College of Arts and Sciences and a degree in Speech Pathology in the Curry School of Education. 
Ekateerina sought out a position as a student intern after CSC's presentation about contemplation and CSC in her self-examination engagement class. She has previously experienced the benefits of mindfulness and shared them with others in her community at home, through a service project called “Roots to Rise”, and she wanted to continue with this interest at UVA. She is very passionate about the benefits of these practices. 
In addition to her position at CSC, Ekateerina is involved with DCO, the University Salsa Club, Barbells, StudCo, Virginia Ambassadors, and Best Buddies.
Following her undergraduate education, Ekateerina hopes to reform the special education system and provide better opportunities and resources for students.