Jinan Aridi



Jinan Aridi
Jinan is a student intern at the Contemplative Sciences Center (CSC). Originally from Richmond, Virginia, she is a second-year student at the University of Virginia and is planning on majoring in Cognitive Science.
Jinan has always had a strong interest in holistic well-being, especially how the mind plays a role in creating such a state. Before college, she started developing such interests by authoring a self-help book to share with peers and pursuing research topics such as how stressful mental states and gender differences can play a role in manifesting psychosomatic symptoms.
After starting her college career, Jinan’s interest in the contemplative sciences grew, especially with regard to subjects such as the mind-body connection, mindfulness-based stress reduction, holistic health treatments, and positive psychology. Outside of CSC, she is a research assistant at UVA’s medical center and enjoys playing music and singing.