Karolyn Kinane



Karolyn Kinane

Karolyn Kinane, Ph.D., is Associate Director of Pedagogy and Faculty Engagement at the Contemplative Sciences Center. Karolyn works one-on-one and in small groups with faculty across grounds to develop and enhance contemplative approaches to teaching and learning. She facilitates workshops and retreats, designs curriculum, and directs the pedagogy database for the Contemplative University.

Previously, Karolyn served as professor and chair of the English Department at Plymouth State University (PSU), New Hampshire, where she researched and taught Medieval Studies, English literature, mysticism, and contemplative reading and writing. Over her thirteen years at PSU, Karolyn served as founding co-director of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, director of the Medieval and Renaissance Forum, and founding director of Contemplative Communities, a cross- campus initiative that helps students, faculty, staff, and community members explore and develop agency, resilience, purpose, and mindfulness.

A native New Yorker, Karolyn loves good food, hiking, dancing, poetry, and drumming. 

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Recent blog for the UVA Office of Engagement and Lifetime Learning, Thoughts From the Lawn, Contemplative Pause: Tool for Engagement.

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