Kathryn Webb DeStefano



Kathryn Webb DeStefano

Kathryn Webb-DeStefano is a student intern at the Contemplative Sciences Center. Kathryn is a PhD candidate in the English department currently completing her dissertation, which focuses on hybrid global mythologies through the lens of Irish modernist literature.

Kathryn first learned of the CSC while working as a graduate teaching assistant for the class “Buddhist Meditation and the Modern Secular World.” As a longtime meditator with a profound interest in Tibetan Buddhism, she began researching how she could enhance her own teaching philosophy through contemplative methods.

Kathryn is particularly interested in the ways in which contemplative pedagogy might be employed within STEM courses, as well as how it might offer a holistic way of addressing the complex needs of both neurotypical and neurodiverse students in the classroom.

Outside of her academic work, Kathryn enjoys plant-based cooking, bird-watching, spending time in nature, and watching Twin Peaks with her husband and cats.