Kelly Slatery



Kelly Slatery

Kelly is a fourth year student at the University of Virginia majoring in Cognitive Science and East Asian Studies. She first became interested in the contemplative sciences after taking an Introduction to Mindfulness course fall of her second year, and then continued to explore the field on UVA’s Spring Break Mindfulness Retreat with CSC and iBme. It was after these experiences that she decided these contemplative tools and skills were too important to keep to herself, and she looked to the Contemplative Sciences Center as a way to deepen her understanding and spread the word.

Now Kelly works as a student intern at the Center and serves on the board of the student CIO, Contemplation@UVA, with the goal of creating a community and culture of contemplation within the undergraduate space. After graduation, Kelly hopes to teach English in Taiwan for a couple years before pursuing a master’s degree in International Educational Administration.