Kimberly Vo



Kimberly Vo
Kimberly Vo is a student intern with the Contemplative Sciences Center. She is a rising 4th year majoring in Computer Science and Psychology within the College of Arts and Sciences.

Kimberly sought a position with CSC after taking the academic course “Spiritual But Not Religious,” which introduced her to the history of different contemplative practices and movements. She had been interested in contemplative practices within her daily life and wanted to join a community at UVA that makes contemplative activities more accessible to students on Grounds.

Following her undergraduate education, Kimberly plans to pursue a career in User Experience Design. She believes that with the world’s ever-growing dependence on technology, there’s a need for more people who can represent users within the development process. She hopes that with her experience at UVA and CSC, she can advocate for technology designed with empathy and truly for the benefit of people.