Martha Rouleau



Martha Rouleau
Martha Rouleau was a committed public-school educator for over 31 years in the role as a science and math teacher, department chair, and as a middle school Assistant Principal and Dean of Students. Trained initially as a marine biologist, Martha’s love of science drew her to explore the field of mindfulness in 2007. After exploring research on mindfulness, Martha became a committed mindfulness practitioner from the onset and participated in a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction class. Through the eight-week program, Martha recognized an increased ability to be in the present moment with awareness that allowed her to respond more positively to stressors.  Additionally, by cultivating the ability to pay attention through practicing these various tools of mindfulness, Martha experienced less anxiety, stronger ability to pause before responding, and a deeper connection to herself and others.
Martha’s on-going keen interest and steady mindfulness practice led her to complete multiple mindfulness trainings for children, teens, adults, and leaders.  She earned the credential as a Qualified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction in 2017. She has completed a Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness program with David Treleaven, Mindful Communication with Oren Jay Sofer, and is currently completing the 200-hour yoga therapy certification training through the Center for Somatic Grieving. Additionally, Martha deeply values her 200-hour yoga teacher certification that enhances her skills to honor and link body, breath, movement, and mind on the journey to resilience and inner peace.
Martha’s passion is to support others, through mind/body awareness, as they cultivate skills and tools to live a more authentic life with enhanced wellbeing, compassion and connection to self, others, and life.  Above all else, Martha believes in everyone’s innate capacity to tap into their inner compass, with awareness and compassion, as they navigate with focus, clarity, and presence.
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