Polina Mischenko



Polina Mischenko

Polina Mischenko, M.Ed. is a doctoral candidate at the UVA Curry School of Education in Curriculum & Instruction under the mentorship of Tish Jennings, Ph.D. Polina's research focuses on the experiences of teachers delivering the Compassionate School Project mindfulness-based curriculum and approaches to teaching mindfulness in an elementary school setting. In addition to her research, Polina assists Charlottesville City Schools with their mindfulness-based initiatives and conducts mindfulness-based professional learning programs, workshops, and classes for teachers and school faculty in Virginia. Previously, she helped develop mindfulness-based curricula and taught mindfulness to elementary school children through initiatives and programs, including Mindfulness + Movement.

Polina has studied contemplative practices for over seven years. In 2015, she travelled to India to complete an intensive five-month teacher training program under Sharat Arora, a long-time disciple of BKS Iyengar. She continues to study Iyengar Yoga, Vipassana meditation, and mindfulness in teaching and learning through her doctoral program.