Preetha Ganapathy



Preetha Ganapathy
Preetha Ganapathy is student intern with the Contemplative Sciences Center. She is a third-year undergraduate student majoring in Commerce with a Concentration in Accounting at the McIntire School of Commerce. She was introduced to CSC through another intern at the center. She admired CSC’s focus on self-care and well-being, and sought out a position. Through this experience she has used her contemplative practices as a way to stay grounded and balanced amidst the stress of school. 
In addition to working with CSC, Preetha is involved with Student Council, CASH with Madison House, and Shea House.
Following her undergraduate education, Preetha will be pursuing a Masters in Accounting degree to become a CPA. She has a love for learning languages and traveling. She is currently fluent in Tamil and proficient in Korean and Farsi. She hopes to expand this list as she continues on her journey.