Seara Mainor



Seara Mainor

Seara is a third-year student from Northern Virginia pursuing a double major in Biology and Cognitive Science at the University of Virginia. She is a research assistant for the Contemplative Sciences Center (CSC) working on a wide variety of projects.

From an early age, Seara has been fascinated with holistic medicine which works to heal the body through nutrition, mindfulness, and a humanistic paradigm. She has found that preventative medicine and contemplation are integral for the postive development of healthcare. Through her interaction with CSC, Seara has developed a passion for incorporating all types of medicine into healing an often times overworked and stressed community.

Following Seara’s undergraduate education, she hopes to stay in Charlottesville for an additional year to attain a Masters in Public Policy. She will also pursue a law school degree in order to further advocate for integrative medicine in the United States.