Valentina Zabrovskaya



Valentina Zabrovskaya
Valentina Zabrovskaya is student intern at the Contemplative Sciences Center. She is a Master’s student pursuing an MA in Russian Contemporary Studies in the College of Arts and Sciences.

Valentina is a Double Hoo receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree from UVA in Environmental Thought and Practice, and Russian Language. She sought out a position as a student intern after learning about the array of areas through which CSC studies the impact of contemplation. She was interested in participating in the study of the intersectionality of contemplation with other fields, especially environmental studies.
In addition to her position at the center, Valentina is a brother of the Alpha Phi Omega and has previously served as the President of the Environmental Science Organization.
After completing her graduate education, Valentina would like to become a civil servant or work for an environmental non-profit as a researcher. She plans to study the different ways through which the United States and other countries develop and implement their public policies, and the external factors that influence their decisions.