Yesha Malla



Yesha Malla
Yesha Malla is a student intern with the Contemplative Sciences Center. She is a Master’s student studying Linguistics at the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

Yesha discovered CSC while looking for meditation spaces at the university, and it was during this search that she found a job working with the Dalai Lama Fellows program. She admired the program’s strong adherence to the values surrounding the social impact of mindfulness, compassion and resilience. With this work, she knew that she would be able to learn and grow in her own practices.
Contemplative practices have allowed Yesha to stay in touch with her emotions and values. They give her a grounding space for herself and she hopes to use them as a tool to better connect with others.
Upon graduation, Yesha plans to pursue a job in her field of linguistics that will provide meaning and impact for herself and for those with whom she works. Yesha intends to use the practices she has cultivated to practice compassion and empathy with those around her.