Dalai Lama Fellows



Dalai Lama Fellows

Housed at the University of Virginia’s Contemplative Science Center, Dalai Lama Fellows cultivates and supports a global movement of next generation leaders integrating contemplative work with social innovation to solve global challenges in locally adapted ways to promote human flourishing.

We all share a vision for our common humanity, and a love for our own localities, communities, and cultures, but somehow we’ve overemphasized profit, growth, and organizational metrics over wellbeing and deep interconnection with others and the  worlds in which we are embedded.

We seek to broaden and deepen emerging leaders’ perspectives on what’s best for both their communities and the world as a whole now and for generations to come, calling on them to think and behave differently, and to seek realistic, innovative, integrated and expansive ways to address local and global challenges in interconnected manners.  


For more information, see the Dalai Lama Fellows website.

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