Anthony DeMauro



Anthony DeMauro

Anthony DeMauro, Ph.D. is the Contemplative Instructor and Programming Coordinator for the Contemplative Sciences Center (CSC). In this role his primary focus is to develop, coordinate, and deliver contemplative learning and student experiences at the University of Virginia. He manages pedagogical, research, administrative, and service aspects of contemplative learning initiatives within CSC, both on Grounds and online with CSC's Contemplative University initiative. Anthony worked in a similar part-time role for CSC for three years as a Contemplative Instructor, delivering contemplative programming to the University community through drop-in sessions, workshops, and class visits.

Before joining CSC in a full-time role, he also worked in the Contemplative Teaching and Learning Lab at UVA's Curry School of Education and taught courses in the Curriculum, Instruction, and Special Education department. He has conducted research on how K-12 teachers’ personal mindfulness practices influence their professional teaching practice such as their ability to build relationships with students, manage their classrooms, and meet students’ needs.

In addition to his work with CSC, Anthony delivers mindfulness- and compassion-based professional development programs to K-12 teachers through CARE for Teachers and co-facilitates mindfulness retreats for teenagers with Inward Bound Mindfulness Education (iBme).