The Journal of Contemplative Studies



The Journal of Contemplative Studies

September 30, 2022


On behalf of the Executive Board, we are happy to announce that the Journal of Contemplative Studies (JCS) is open for submissions.

The Journal of Contemplative Studies is a peer-reviewed, open access digital journal published by the Contemplative Sciences Center at the University of Virginia. 

The journal publishes original research and scholarship on topics related to contemplation with a focus on humanities-based studies, in the most capacious sense, and transdisciplinary scholarship with a humanistic core. The mission of the journal is to provide an academic forum for specialists to publish rigorous, innovative, humanities-based scholarship on contemplation, and to promote interconnections across disciplines, perspectives, and traditions. 

JCS is committed to supporting the growth of an academic field for a global community of scholars who study contemplation in all its diversity. This includes scholarship that examines practices, first-person meditative experiences, and the historical and cultural contexts in which forms of contemplation are embedded, and from which they derive. The journal publishes on a rolling basis and is committed to the public dissemination of scholarship free of charge to both authors and readers.


Submissions are open for the following: Research Articles, Special Issues, Book Reviews, Community News, and Research Notes for the JCS Blog.

We will be launching an associated preprint service for Contemplative Studies on December 1, which will be open to pre-published and published articles, whether or not the Journal of Contemplative Studies is the publisher. 

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