Practice and Process: Conversations With Yoga Teachers - Q&A



Practice and Process: Conversations With Yoga Teachers - Q&A

You may also listen to the 2021 Practice and Process conversations here.

May 8 - August 7, 2020, (detailed schedule below)
Via Zoom
Free and open to the public. In lieu of payment, we are encouraging donations to You may also make a gift to CSC to help us continue providing programs and services like this series here.

View our conversations featuring CSC's Ashtanga Yoga Program Manager John Bultman and select yoga teachers from around the world. Discussion topics vary, particularly emphasize Ashtanga yoga, and are suitable for anyone interested in yoga process and practice.

You may view talk recordings from our YouTube playlist or from our website here.

John Bultman is one of approximately 30 Certified Ashtanga teachers worldwide and has made 12 trips to India where he continues his studies with his teacher Sri Sharath Jois. Learn more about John's Ashtanga yoga instruction classes here

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