Videos for Conversations with Yoga Teachers - Q&A

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Videos for Conversations with Yoga Teachers - Q&A

We're pleased to be able to provide these recordings of our series Practice and Process: Conversations With Yoga Teachers - Q&A.
These Q&A conversations feature select yoga teachers from around the world moderated by CSC's Ashtanga Yoga Program Manager John Bultman. Discussion topics will vary, but they will particularly emphasize Ashtanga yoga, and be suitable for anyone interested in yoga process and practice. So far speakers have discussed a range of topics, including their yoga practice beginnings and thoughts on aging, reincarnation, and the illusion of “self.” 

Friday, May 8 – John Campbell 

Friday, May 15 – Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor

Friday, May 22 – Angela Jamison 

Friday, May 29 – Kate O'Donnell

Sunday, June 7 – Tim Feldmann

Sunday, June 12 – Harmony Slater and Russell Case

Friday, June 19 – Hamish Hendry

Friday, June 26 – Luke Jordan 

Friday, July 10 – David Garrigues 

Friday, July 24 – Graham M. Schweig 

Friday, July 31 – Ralph Craig

Friday, August 10 – Robert Thurman